At the time that we opened Chamonix I was still working full time within the NHS. I was a ward Sister and had over 50 staff to manage. I also had another business that I was running and working on so needless to say I was running rapidly towards total burnout. However I just kept moving forward. If you want things to change in your life then you have to put in the effort and you have to believe that it will work. I would let nothing get in my way. I used every moment of every day to full effect. Even lunch was on the move. Not a healthy life style, but you do what you have to do.

Chamonix because of our efforts began to grow. Over the first few years we began to get busy. I resigned from my Sisters post and went back to being a staff nurse. Then began to reduce my hours until eventually I left the NHS altogether. Even though I no longer work with in the NHS I am still a Nurse, I’m still on the NMC register and I revalidate every 3 years. People often don’t understand that people who work as Cosmetic Nurses are still registered nurses.

So Chamonix was up and running, in fact at times it was galloping out of control. I took on more staff and began to build up a strong knowledge base about what I do. However Iv always had the rule, if I wouldn’t have the product put in me then I wouldn’t put it in someone else. Patients safety has always been my utmost concern.